Do You Know The Warning Signs Of Bipolar Disorder?

Hello Champions,

Réal here. I want to talk some truth with you on a subject I know something about: Bipolar Disorder. If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard that term, but you may not know how it looks when it comes at you or how much trouble it can cause in your life.

And let me mention this right up front. When I talk to you about Bipolar Disorder, it’s because I want you to know there is a whole world of hopeful, natural, powerful help for you or that person you love who may be having challenges. I’ve walked this road, and I am ready, willing, and able to reach out and help you overcome, like the Champion you are!

So: How do you know when you are someone else is exhibiting Bipolar Disorder? You may not know for sure. It takes a professional to really make that diagnosis. But let’s just say this. People with Bipolar Disorder have bouts of extreme emotion. And they may not know how they’re coming across to you.

This could mean that your friend is fine on Monday, and then on Tuesday, suddenly she’s like crazy excited / laughing / loud / dragging you on a crazy shopping spree you’re pretty sure she can’t afford. Or maybe on Wednesday she’s so depressed, she can hardly get up out of her chair. You ask her if she wants to go shopping and she says, “I can’t stand to see people, my life is a waste, why would you be so stupid as to ask me that?”

These aren’t scientific examples, but you get the idea. Bipolar Disorder shows up in “mood episodes” that can be High (manic) or low (hypomanic), according to the National Institute of Mental Health. These episodes are not typical of the person you know. They could last hours, days, or weeks.

Bipolar Disorder can be tough to live through. I know this, because I live with a diagnosis of Bipolar Manic II. (The “II” means you’re challenged by hypomanic and depressive episodes but not the extended highs that can land someone in the hospital.)

But remember I told you, this story is going to a hopeful place.

I was controlling my symptoms quite well, with medication and a strong foundation of fitness and exercise. I was able to thrive as an actor and help change lives as a coach. But hey, medications have side effects. I wanted something natural.

That’s when I found Amare Fundamentals. Dr. Shawn Talbott and his researchers have come up with a clinical grade system of supplements that actually help the nerve centers of the body communicate in the optimal, bi-directional way that nature intended. So, with just three convenient capsules at breakfast, you can regulate the critical nerve centers in your brain, gut, and micro biome. And that can be a game changer.

I’ve done so well on Amare Fundamentals — with my doctor’s blessing — that I actually forgot to take my 90-day supply of medication. I didn’t need it!

I’m proud to work with Amare, and I want you to know these amazing products exist. They have made a true difference for me, and, with your doctor’s support, I think they could do the same for you. You can check out the Amare Fundamentals Pack right here:

And one last thing. I am here for you, Champion! If you are looking for Holistic Solutions and alternatives, I can help. I invite you to message me at:

I promise you, your best days are ahead. Let’s get started making that so.

Love and respect,

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