Post Partum Depression – Symptoms And Causes

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The birth of a child is one of the most joyful things that can happen to a human being. But for many women — more than you might think — new motherhood turns out not to be a high point but a spiral down to a dark and frightening emotional place. That’s what we call postpartum depression, and it can do tremendous damage to a woman at one of the most vulnerable times in her life.

So what are the symptoms of postpartum depression, and what are the causes? First, the symptoms. Instead of feeling all happy and excited, the new mom feels just…indifferent. Anxious. Sad. That doesn’t seem to make sense, right? So when these feelings hit, she gets to cope with a lot of judgment too. All her friends and family are jumping around and telling her how happy she’s supposed to be.

What causes postpartum depression? Doctors don’t know for sure, but the National Institute of Mental Health puts it down to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. But it’s a real medical condition, and if you’re feeling it, you need to seek medical help. That’s important for your baby just as much as for you. You can’t take care of a helpless little life when you’re feeling detached from your own life.

And here’s something I want you to know. I’ll never know what it is to give birth, but I know depression inside out, and my heart goes out to you for the struggle. In my coaching work, I’ve been able to offer support and make a difference for many champions who dealt with the challenge of depression with heart and courage.

If you feel you might be experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression, I invite you to message me at

I’d love to tell you about some of the holistic and natural solutions I’ve found in my own journey to master my diagnosis of Bipolar II. I’m now a proud ally of Amare Global. Their natural formulations have helped me balance my own system so well, I’ve been able to get off my prescribed meds, and I’ve never felt so good. And by the way, I love my doctor and I’ve done this with his blessing.

Here’s a link to Amare MoodPLus, one of the company’s excellent clinical grade supplements. MoodPlus is formulated to help you regulate your own system with no side effects, no downside — just a more hopeful outlook from now on.

And just so you know, Amare even makes a formulation that’s appropriate for kids.

Between good diet, good exercise, and the right support, you can master postpartum depression like the champion you are!

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